2020/01: Zanyu Chen (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!


2019/11: Our research paper entitled "multiscale porous elastomer substrates for multifunctional on-skin electronics with passive-cooling capabilities" has been accepted for publication by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Big congratulations, Yadong, Bohan, and Yun! This research was widely reported by a number of social media, such as NPR, Inverse, Futurity, DailyHunt, Nanowerk, Missourian, and many others.


2019/09: Shivam Goswami passed his master thesis defense. Congratulations!

2019/08: Ganggang Zhao (Ph.D. student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2019/08: Our research project about 3D biochip has been funded by the NSF-EPMD program. We greatly thank NSF for the research support!


2019/04: Dr. Zheng Yan gave a talk at the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting entitled as "soft electronic and energy devices based-on laser-induced porous graphene".


2018/11: Our collaborative work entitled “three-dimensional piezoelectric polymer microsystems for vibrational energy harvesting, robotic prosthetic interfaces, and biomedical implants” has been published on Nature Electronics and selected as a cover feature article. Congratulations!


2018/11: Our research paper about "deterministic assembly for 3D hierarchical structures of porous graphene" has been accepted for publication by ACS Nano. Big congratulations, Yun and Xiatian!

2018/09: Qihui Fei (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2018/09: Our research paper about "porous graphene for gas-permeable on-skin electronics" has been accepted for publication by Advanced Materials. Big congratulations, Bohan and Richard!


2018/08: Dr. Zheng Yan gave an invited talk at the 256th ACS National Meeting to introduce our research about porous graphene for soft electronic and energy devices with unusual attributes.


2018/02: Our collaborative work entitled “morphable 3D mesostructures and microelectronic devices by multistable buckling mechanics” has been published on Nature Materials and selected as a cover feature article. Congratulations!  


2018/01: Yun Ling (Ph.D. student) and Yadong Xu (Ph.D. student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2017/11: Shivam Goswami (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!


2017/10: Dr. Zheng Yan’s first-authored research paper entitled “three-dimensional mesostructures as high-temperature growth templates, electronic cellular scaffolds and self-propelled micro-robots” was accepted for publication by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!

2017/09: Richard McCay (Ph.D. student), Bohan Sun (undergraduate student) and Xiatian Zhuang (Undergraduate student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2017/08: Dr. Zheng Yan started his assistant professor position at the University of Missouri at Columbia.