2020/03: Our research paper entitled "Laser-Induced Graphene for Electrothermally-Controlled, Mechanically-Guided, Three-Dimensional Assembly and Human-Soft Actuators Interaction" has been accepted for publication by Advanced Materials. Big congratulations, Yun!

2020/02: Our patent entitled "Deterministic Assembly of Complex, Three-Dimensional Architectures by Compressive Buckling" has been issued.

2020/02: Dr. Zheng Yan is leading the organization of a symposium entitled “Fundamental Materials, Devices, and Fabrication Innovations for Bio-Inspired and Bio-Integrated Electronics” in 2020 MRS Spring Meeting.

2020/01: Zanyu Chen (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2019/11: Our research paper entitled "Multiscale Porous Elastomer Substrates for Multifunctional On-Skin Electronics with Passive-Cooling Capabilities" has been accepted for publication by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Big congratulations, Yadong, Bohan, and Yun! This research was widely reported by a number of social media, such as NPR, Inverse, Futurity, DailyHunt, Nanowerk, Missourian, and many others.

2019/09: Shivam Goswami passed his master thesis defense. Congratulations!

2019/08: Ganggang Zhao (Ph.D. student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2019/08: Our research project about 3D biochip has been funded by the NSF-EPMD program. We greatly thank NSF for the research support!

2019/04: Dr. Zheng Yan gave a talk at the 2019 MRS Spring Meeting entitled "Soft Electronic and Energy Devices Based-On Laser-Induced Porous Graphene".

2018/11: Our collaborative work entitled “Three-Dimensional Piezoelectric Polymer Microsystems for Vibrational Energy Harvesting, Robotic Prosthetic Interfaces, and Biomedical Implants” has been published on Nature Electronics and selected as a cover feature article. Congratulations!

2018/11: Our research paper entitled "Mechanically Assembled, Three-Dimensional Hierarchical Structures of Cellular Graphene with Programmed Geometries and Outstanding Electromechanical Properties" has been accepted for publication by ACS Nano. Big congratulations, Yun and Xiatian!

2018/09: Qihui Fei (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2018/09: Our research paper entitled "Gas‐Permeable, Multifunctional On‐Skin Electronics Based On Laser‐Induced Porous Graphene and Sugar‐Templated Elastomer Sponges" has been accepted for publication by Advanced Materials. Big congratulations, Bohan and Richard!

2018/08: Dr. Zheng Yan gave an invited talk at the 256th ACS National Meeting to introduce our research about porous graphene for soft electronic and energy devices with unusual attributes.

2018/02: Our collaborative work entitled “Morphable 3D Mesostructures and Microelectronic Devices by Multistable Buckling Mechanics” has been published on Nature Materials and selected as a cover feature article. Congratulations!  

2018/01: Yun Ling (Ph.D. student) and Yadong Xu (Ph.D. student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2017/11: Shivam Goswami (master student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2017/10: Dr. Zheng Yan’s first-authored research paper entitled “Three-Dimensional Mesostructures as High-Temperature Growth Templates, Electronic Cellular Scaffolds and Self-Propelled Micro-Robots” was accepted for publication by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Congratulations!

2017/09: Richard McCay (Ph.D. student), Bohan Sun (undergraduate student) and Xiatian Zhuang (Undergraduate student) joined our research lab. Welcome!

2017/08: Dr. Zheng Yan started his assistant professor position at the University of Missouri at Columbia.