Welcome to the Laboratory of Soft Materials and Bioelectronics (SMB) at the University of Missouri-Columbia (MU). We are an interdisciplinary research group of scientists and engineers working on soft materials and bioelectronics. Our current research interests center on creating multifunctional soft materials, exploring multimodal 2D/3D devices,  and developing cost-effective, scalable manufacturing methods for next-generation biointegrated electronics to bring solutions to the grand challenges faced in human healthcare. Specifically, our research consists of three main themes: (i) development of unprecedented soft bioelectronic materials which have built-in multifunctionalities and long-term biocompatibility and can blur the biotic-abiotic dissimilarities in structures, mechanics, electronics, and biochemistry; (ii) designs, fabrications, and evaluations of customized, multimodal, closed-loop biointegrated electronics which can concurrently record multiple biosignals and provide feedback-based adaptive interventions for potential applications in the diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases and chronic wound, as well as elderly care and brain/neural interfacing; (iii) exploring cost-effective, scalable manufacturing of bioelectronics to facilitate their disposable (i.e., one-time use) and practical applications. More details can be found here.