We are a highly interdisciplinary research group of scientists and engineers working on soft materials and electronics at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Our research interests center on the design and scalable manufacturing of novel functional materials with judiciously engineered micro/nanoscale structures, via the combined effort in material synthesis, chemical manipulation, mechanical design, and numerical computation, for next-generation soft electronics and energy devices with unprecedented attributes to bring the solutions to the grand challenges faced in our society. Our research program currently consists of the following three themes: (i) development of novel soft electronic materials (e.g., graphene, 2D materials, perovskites,  hydrogels) with desired features; (ii) design and manufacturing of multifunctional bio-integrated electronic, optoelectronic and energy devices, which can blur the biotic-abiotic dissimilarities in structures, mechanics and biochemistry; (iii) deterministic assembly of 3D functional devices and cellular interfacing platforms. More details can be found here.
We are looking for highly passionate and self-motivated undergraduate, master and Ph.D. students and postdocs to join us. If you are interested in working on soft materials and electronics, please feel free to send you resume to Dr. Yan at yanzheng@missouri.edu.